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Suppression System Information

The most common equipment we install and service is the commercial hood fire suppression system which is in place at most every restaurant or cooking facility you can think of.

This diagram of a fire suppression system shows the pipes and nozzles that are installed inside the kitchen or cooking hood along with fittings to create specific spray locations for the fire retardant. There are links, link lines, nozzle caps, burst discs and chemical bottles within this system.

The entire system is designed so that if one link exceeds acceptable  temperature, the line is broken, firing the Co2 cartridge and forcing chemical fire retardant into the piping and nozzles, bursting off caps and through disks, spraying the flames with liquid retardant.

Most systems also contain a remote pull, so that should someone see the fire before the link is hot enough, they can manually actuate the system, firing the Co2 cartridge and releasing the fire prevention fluid.

These fire suppression systems are subject to local, state and federal safety standards.

The National standards can be found in NFPA17a and NFPA96

Oregon State Fire Code

City of Portland Code

City of Vancouver Code